STAR CHILD - Daughter of Wizard Onyx & The Goddess of Light & Sister to Sitaria.

Hi Everyone, my name is Star Child and i come from Planet Zinghar, in a different galaxy to your Earth’s solar system. Anyway, zillions of miles away. I wanted to share with you my family and friends, and how we live in peace love and harmony, how we live, from our planet’s natural resources: ARE YOU READY,

We are the Zingharian’s and we  live in peace and live upon high  true vibrational feelings.

Our homes are constructed with love being the  cosmic light and cosmic love as the seed for their homes. We don’t do  physical work, it is all to do with manifesting, and visualizing how we want the  design of our homes and gardens. In our house we  have a flame of sacred fire which stands for purity. We usually place this sacred fire in our homes in a communal area.

All our  home’s  have significant points that are connected to the main body of the cosmic planetary being Zinghar. We have no ruler, we just have my father Wizard Obsidian. All the  inhabitants live in peace and we all  attend Zinghar’s Gardens of Serenity and Peace.

We  communicate with Telepathy, and we  go Astral Travelling. Our astral  bodies have an invisible Star shaped energy field  that surrounds us completely and protects us  when we go astral traveling in the cosmos and far distant galaxies.

I will tell you next time how we use cosmic rays in the universe to help us all on Planet Zinghar. so stay in tune next time.

It’s been really wonderful to communicate with you all.

I will slowly introduce you to my world Star Child Universe and will introduce all the different planetary and cosmic beings who are my very close soul star brothers and sisters.

Till next time dear Earthlings,


Star Child 

Wizard Obsidian - Tutors the Star Children & Father to Star Child & Twinflame to his Beloved The Goddess of Light.


Greetings to all you wonderful Earthling’s, my name is Wizard Obsidian, you may call me Obsidian, as first name holds a more friendlier placement with you all on your planet, and might i say What a thriving Planet a privilege i assure you for one such as our race of being’s  the Zingharian’s to experience life on your dear Blue Planet, we call Gaia. On that note I will now explain our Planet which is called Zinghar, a live planetary being, an eclectic mix of purple and shades of blue exquisite colours that personify her Beauty, Zinghar.

My role on  Zinghar, is to help guide and tutor the Star Children, who are at the moment studying your ancient temples on your planet that are of a crystalline energy and are waking up at this very moment. So happy and looking forward to actually visiting you, once the permission is granted from the higher the Dimensional Octave of our Heavens, our Mother and Father God Universe. Something tells me this visitation, the veil will be lifted and we shall rejoice with you all on your dear blue Planet Gaia.

Farewell for now, wonderful Earthling’s, I am sure we have so much to learn from each other.

Cosmic Love and Light to you all

I bid you farewell for now.


The Goddess of Light Twinflame to Wizard Obsidian & Mother to Star Child

Hello Dear Earthling’s, sons and daughters of Gaia, Greetings to all you beautiful hearts out there. I am the Goddess of Light, my twin flame is my beloved Wizard  Obsidian, and my daughter and son are  Star Child, and Sitaria.  At the moment I have been posted on serving the Light being posted in the 9th Heavens Dimensions, so i’m away from my family. When you are a Goddess our roles are to put our role and service and to what house we belong to, so I belong to the house of illumination, Divine Light. So for now I’m separated from my cosmic family on Planet Zinghar, although we can reach other through telepathy, anyway let’s talk about your beautiful home Planet Mother Gaia, her  rays of light that you see emanating from your physical sun, that is I the Goddess of Light and the  Angels of Divine light that are lighting up the darker parts, on your planet Gaia so we overlight you all. Not only Planet Gaia, we also light up the Universe keeping it illuminated which its source comes  from the Great Central Sun where all the Cosmic Rainbow Rays shine from upon the whole of the cosmos and the universe. That’s enough for now, too much information is not good for you to process, so  I bid you all farewell to the beautiful sons and daughters of Gaia. Someday we shall meet once darkness has been lifted from your planet Gaia. Till then we are guiding and protecting you with our light.

May the Divine Light always guide your Beloved hearts.


Sitaria, Brother to Star Child and son to Wizard Obsidian and The Goddess of Light

Hey Everyone, my name is Sitaria, and I live on Planet Zinghar, with my father Wizard Obsidian, and sister Star Child, my mother, The Goddess of Light is away being assigned on another planet right now.

Well I see my sister, Star Child,  has already mentioned to you about my home planet Zinghar. So I will talk to you about how I create my music.

I have this crystalline shaped Sitar which plays magical notes, where every instrument that is created has to be made in the cosmos of the music of the higher spheres. These  great immortal beings of light are magnificent music maestros of the cosmos and they create in thought high vibrational frequencies, and tones a beautiful mind crafted musical instrument. After we are then given a test if our 3rd eye light up with a succession of musical notes and waves of fibrations, the Great Beings know that such a cosmic being heart is to play their instrument to maintain harmony and balance in the universe through a cacophony of sounds and vibrational frequencies and tones.

So that’s what I do . Earthling’s role is to maintain and add harmony and balance for Planet Zinghar. Each muso is assigned to different planets. Generally the planet you are born on, they look for great Cosmic Muso’s who have this in their heart.

Oh yeah I forgot to say, my girlfriend is my partner, well actually she’s’ my twin flame Princess Reinkiss from Planet Riazilla, we are super excited cos we are about to join as one on planet Cloud 9, in the ceremony of completeness. Okay well i let you read about us in Star Child Universe.

Peace & Harmony be with you, sons and daughters of Gaia.


Akari and Oriana The Star Children

Hello dear Earthly Beings, We have been studying your temples and the sacred geometries and crystalline grid which connects our planetary grids to your earthly grid on your blue planet. We are the Star Children, our name well, hey Akari pls let me speak first, my name is Oriana i’m the purple headed star being, i’m the most intelligent of the two, well i do retain extremely high grades with my tutor Wizard Obsidian, and he says i’m doing really well and someday i will graduate from our Galactic Cosmic School of Light, so i’m super looking forward cos i too will be able to astral travel around the whole of the universe just like Star Child does, okay i can see my sister Akari wants to speak to you all.

Hi, my name is Akari. I am the green haired star being, and I too will graduate just like my sister Oriana, And we have both made a star promise to travel the cosmos together, and go on holidays and visit neighboring planets to study them.

One of our wishes is to party on cloud 9 the rainbow planet where the Goddesses live and everyone just loves to take time off and celebrate.  I believe you earthling’s call this a vacation.

Well, both Oriana and I, Akari are super looking forward to visiting you all on your Planet Gaia. It’s going to be a few light years before we both graduate from the Galactic Cosmic School of Light, but when we do, you will know. It will be the party held up and will up all  in your skies.


Bye for now dear Earthly beings.


The Teddiarians Guardians of Planet Zinghar

Greetings, Sons and daughters of Gaia, we are the Guardian’s of Planet Zinghar, we are known as star sentient beings. We can fly around up to the skies of Planet Zinghar, even travel around the solar system, but we are not allowed to travel outside our planet’s solar system.

Wizard Obsidian created us from the cosmic rainbow rays of the ether on Planet Zinghar, we were created to play with the other star children including his own daughter, Star Child.

Our abilities have helped to heal the star children, the zingharian’s if they are not feeling well in their cosmic 3rd eyes, and they are in assistance to add more cosmic rainbow colour to their lives. We the Guardians are assigned to do this. 

We have lots of fun playing and swinging on the rainbows and playing in the grounds of the crystalline temples. We also have the ability of a warning homing signal to warn off beings containing a lower vibration which is damaging to our home planet Zinghar.


May the protection of the Rainbow Cosmic Rays that we emanate out to you, it’s called a rainbow on your dear blue planet Gaia. Well dear Earthling’s remember us the Guardians, cos that is us saying hello,

Indeed someday soon you will see two big rainbows, as above so below

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