Goddess of Love - Twin-flame Counterpart to Wizard Onyx and Prince Ricochet’s Mother.


Hello dear sons and daughters of Gaia, my name is The Goddess of Love and I lived on Planet Zodosk along with my twin flame Beloved Wizard Onyx and our son Ricochet, we were so happy in our beautiful planetary home. We were a very happy and joyful race of cosmic beings, we all emanated a cosmic love supreme which is a very high vibration of Love, I believe it’s ascending higher than your planet Gaia who at the moment is transcending to a higher dimension. 

We have wonderful gardens and rose pink rays shoot across our skies mixed with a fusion of golden rays. The scent of the flowers is in the air, and moonbeams and the little elemental fairies of the flowers dance around as they celebrate their love for their home planet Zodosk.

Everyone celebrated the love, the life, the herculean life, immortality, and Divine love was everywhere on our planet, until that fearful day i was captured by some wicked sorcerer’s who took over Planet Zodosk and cast a spell on her, where she became red blooded planet, boiling seas, poisonous gasses. 

I managed to escape the sorcerer’s and found sanctuary on Planet Amorand, where I am here until my love my Onyx connects with me again so we can set our heart flames alight and the wicked spell will be lifted and set the now grottesque ogres which were once beautiful cosmic beings free. 

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