Star Child is a being of love and light daughter of Wizard Obsidian, ruler of Planet Zinghar. Whilst astral travelling she passes into another solar system and encounters Mother Earth, who is distressed and overwhelmed by pollution and wars between her people. Moved by her plight Star Child decides to visit Earth and help restore her natural beauty. They then learn the ruler of Planet Zodosk is planning to conquer the galaxy, 

sending his son and a dark army to Earth first.
She meets enlightened humans who wish to join her mission. She also invites friends from other planets, The Crystal Lites, Warriors of the Rainbow and the Mandalas to help heal Mother Earth. Star Child and her friends prepare to do battle using the power of love and light. Its message brings awareness of the environment and the need to take care of the earth, which is our home.

Customer Reviews

Rocco Buonvino International Impresario/ TV Presenter

” what a fantastic read I really love being on Cloud 9 Planet a,great read”

Tony Dyson (The Genius who built R2D2 (Star Wars)
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Star Child" is a book of our time. It speaks to those who dare to dream and connects us to our inner love of magical worlds and mystical beings. This beautiful story inspires the spirit and gives wings to the imagination. It finds the "Star Child" in each of us, helping us to remember and to teach our children that it is up to every one of us to make a better tomorrow today.
Phil Strongman Writer-Director and Novelist of Pretty Vacant, & John Lennon FBI Files.
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A breathless read that's a genuinely different New Age new angel trip, 'Starchild' cries out to be filmed
Pop music artist Amy Studt
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A lovely, mad little book, by a lovely, mad little lady. Xxxxxx

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