Mala and Dala
High Priest and Priestess


Mala and Dala the HIgh Priest and Priestess of the Music Temple Shrine

Dear Sons and Daughters of Gaia, today we greet you from our Planet Rainbow Cloud 9, our
home planet travels around all the different planetary solar systems amidst the cosmic skies, a
beautiful cacophony of music of the higher spheres is played in harmony attuned to the higher
frequencies to which our Mother and Father Universe reside, called the Great Central Sun.
Permit me to introduce myself and my twin flame, I am called Mala, i am the high priestess and
my twin flame is called Dala a high priest, and our home is on Planet Rainbow Cloud 9.
Our roles are to over see all the pre arranged and orchestrated “Ceremony of Completeness”,
where two souls over light each other in the cosmic skies surround with a rainbow cosmic ray
show, this brings two soul ascending high into the 7th dimension where both souls emerge as
one universal soul Heart of each other.
Yes and in our spare time, we play music to help save many planets throughout the universe.
Everyday is a party on Rainbow Cloud 9, there is always something to celebrate, always new
music to compose from the music of the higher spheres. All incoming new souls, and
twinflames wanting to ascend into one heart. Joy and Happiness and colorful cosmic rainbow
rays filter throughout our planet.
Well dear earthlings, sons and daughters of Gaia, we bid you farewell, and if you ever hear
beautiful melodies in your night sky, you know its crew on Planet Rainbow Cloud 9, visiting

Professor Karl
Engineer’s Cloud 9


Professor Karl - The operator of the Rainbow Cloud 9

Hello there groovy earthling’s of Gaia, I must say before I introduce myself, I would like to send
out a hearty congratulations to you all, What Fabulous Music, Tones, vibrations and
Frequencies emanate from your planet.
I have to say we on Cloud 9, in fact, throughout the universe have been watching you all, as if
we tune into what you call a television, a screen with moving pictures.
Ah, I do believe it is called a television, well more like small gadgets now, that you can watch
moving pictures. Anyway, I have to introduce myself. My name is Professor Karl, I am a
humanoid, and I reside on Rainbow Cloud 9, my role is to maintain chief operations, and work
the crystal warped simulator which is the life-force and fuel for Rainbow Cloud 9. When i have
free time i love to dj and spin those records, in fact i have to say i love your vinyl records, we
love them so much we created our own version, crystal vinyl, which was spun in fine threads of
crystal but we have sacred geometry, so where you have circles and grooves in your records,
we have each crystal record a sacred geometry pattern which will play the music according to
the way the geometric design was created. This is how we maintain Harmony playing Music that
is created in the Higher Sphere’s. So on your planet you have DJ's, well dear earthling’s, sons
and daughters of Gaia, I am the resident Universal DJ for Planet Rainbow Cloud 9. If you see
certain shapes in your skies, or in your fields, it is I and my team spinning our crystal geometric
One day we shall meet up and have the biggest party on your blue planet, and we shall all
celebrate that day.
Until then all you groovy earthling’s, Until then.

Goddess of Harmony
Sister to Goddess Purity


The Goddess of Harmony

Greetings Beloved hearts of Gaia, my name is Harmony, and i am the Goddess who maintains
harmony through the universe. My sister “Purity”, works alongside me so once my sister has
transmuted all the lower vibrational energies, especially now emanating from your blue planet,
Mother Gaia, the agreement is for myself Harmony and my sister “Purity” to be overseer’s of
any planets steeped in a 3 dimensional octave that may need our guidance, our protection and
our healing rays of purification, which after purifying the energies are then I Goddess Harmony,
will bring peace, unity, love, which are the key elements to a harmonized planet and i work with
placed with Harmony who will work in concert with the music of the higher spheres, and the
creation of the crystal geometry record will then play to its fullest amplifying out to the planet that
their beings need our assistance.
So we live on Rainbow Cloud 9, but we often are stationed somewhere else, either neighboring
planets, or sometimes we are called back to the Great Central Sun where the Great Immortal
beings reside along with our Mother Father Universe.
Us Goddesses also know how to enjoy ourselves, we love to dance, we love to sing sometimes,
and we love to play little jokes on two twin brother cosmic beings. You will meet them soon,
infact very very soon.
For now dear beloved hearts of Gaia, when you feel harmony in your life peace and harmony
just know it is I, the Goddess of Harmony that is in your skies, and all around you creating
harmony where there is disharmony.

May peace, love and harmony reside with you all, dear Beloved Hearts of Mother Gaia.

Goddess of Purity
Sister to Goddess Harmony

zb Z nz Z

The Goddess of Purity

Hello dear Beloved Hearts, i’m so happy you have my sister, Harmony, i myself, my name is
Purity, and as you can tell, my role is to maintain purity throughout the cosmos, and especially
to 3d planets in the star constellation.
Purity my dear beloved hearts is what we call “The Strength of Life in itself”, My role is to purify,
peoples energies, help to give them clarity, by raising their vibrations enough to then see the
impurities of one’s life, from an emotional, mental and physical states of being.
Some say my role is a very hard mission, meaning there is so much cleaning of the cobwebs i
have to do, of your light bodies, when you sleep each night my sister and i attend to your light
ethereal bodies and we get the massive human vacuum cleaner that purifies the air whilst you
are sleeping. Otherwise Mother Gaia, your planet would suffocate with so much toxicity you
produce every day, every minute of the day. On Rainbow Cloud 9, is where we take our
holidays, and maintain the cloud in purity and harmonized cosmic rays of light to protect the
planet whilst visiting other planetary solar systems. So yes we all make music to save many
worlds, maintaining purity and harmony throughout.

Bong and Dong


Bong and Dong, Twin Brother Alien Beings

Hello earthling’s nice to meet you, we are Bong and Dong, we are the comedy act for Rainbow
Cloud 9, our job is to maintain happiness and laughter, and keep the cosmic beings and the
Goddess’s entertained on Rainbow Cloud 9.
We are always playing tricks on the higher being’s cos they can’t tell us apart, so its so much
fun, we get them is a cosmic twist.
Maybe we just take a visit to your planet, we hear there is so much humour on there, infact we
told ourselves, if we are gonna learn about true laughter and the best jokes in the universe it
has to be the live school planet of experience jokes in a 3d context, its your planet Earthling’s do
you know you are all famous. Many beings and alien beings trave far and wide just to get front
seats to watch you all. You are all celebrities here, there is always a rush who gets front seats.
For the Planet Cinema, yep we have a cinema, where we can all watch, We love you all, infact
we get alot of our research for our telling jokes on your planet, and we balance them out with
our cosmic jokes. Its a hoot as they say on your world, a true blast.
May the fortune of cosmic laughter and joy surround you all.
Laugh with love always dear earthlings.

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