Mother Planetary Gaia
Planetary Gaia Solar System

Hello dear Children it is I your Planetary Mother Gaia, not many of you hear me now, you used to hear me and tend to my gardens of paradise and look after all the kingdoms, 

my plant, my tree, my flower, my bird, my animal, my crystal, my elemental, my constructive insect kingdom, ohhh my dear children i used to remember watching you dance for joy, sing with the stars, celebrate your life, dance with the animals, hug the trees, and play in my gardens of paradise. but ohh since you turned away from me, you look at your screens, rather than organic, you prefer to eat man made foods not the foods i have given you to eat the plants the fruits that are nutritious.  And on top of this, you are all misbehaving and talking about each other, hurting one another, competition with each other, and all this time i’m here suffering, and a few of you are waking up, but dear children there are so many more of you to come back home to me.

Once Light and unconditional love returns back to your hearts, only then my dear children will we be able to reconnect and I can then return back to where my sisters are to be in alignment into the 5th dimension and beyond. But I love you dear children so I will wait for you all, no matter how long it takes. I will never abandon you my wonderful dear children.

Animal Elder Being Larimar

Hey all you kind humans out there, the ones who have a heart anyway, and especially the ones that feed me and my family of cats, I’m grateful to them.

So meow, my name is Larimar, and i don’t belong to anyone, in fact i am pretty much a wild spirited cat, but i always have food at the table, and i always have lodging to sleep too. My life, meow, is very relaxed, but sometimes I have to be on guard, to protect the little cats and kittens. I believe that us cats are connected to the stars and to the big mountains of stone. I always feel drawn to the night skies and especially mountains of stone. 

so i am hoping one day someday soon the humans of Gaia will be able to hear me, and connect to our world the animal kingdom. for if life was in true balance, we would be able to have this gift and help one another.  But i have to say there are more humans waking up to the animal kingdom and loving and protecting us, as we protect them too, we make each other happy, and help one another. such a shame for the other lot but meow, not worth my time or energy to focus on these people. Mother Gaia keeps on saying that the humans are all tuning into their hearts and one day we will all celebrate together. meow – well there’s always hope to hang onto.

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