Dr Madalene Chan

Award Winning Artist/Song-writer/Author/Soul Awakener Life Coach /Co-host/Producer/TV Presenter

Madalene Chan as artist “Maddee Loveday”, she reached top positions in dance and club music charts which reached no 7 in the billboard dance charts with her hit single ‘Follow Love’.

Madalene was the first ever foreign act to win a Malta Music Award, in 2010, and she supported celebrity artist –  Peter Andre at the 2013 edition.

Her new music video “A Song For You” was broadcasted on AATM TV on Sky TV for the whole of July 2021.

Single release, in style of rock and blues, single “It Could Be You”, released in America 4th June 22. With Myles Finch and Maddee Loveday.

Single Release “Soul Sweet Is The Sound”, by Maddee Loveday.. July 21st 2022 co-write with Audie Kay Barrier. Produced by Anokha Beats.

Awarded Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism and Conflict Response by Vice Chancellor Professor Ghalan J Nolan, of the Theophany University. 2021. 

Madalene collaborated with Dr Jacalyn where they run courses-based on Power of Effective Listening, available on  USA GLOBAL TV® Network./Educational platform.

Producer for World Jenny’s Day, 17 hour online Global Event of performing artists broadcasted on USA GLOBAL TV® Network, and co-wrote the theme song for World Jenny’s Day “Resolution”. 10th Oct 2022. 

Released “Star Child” Book, a children’s fantasy about saving the earth with the help of cosmic beings working with the earthlings. Amazon release.  

Producer for Woman of Heart Awards, Nov 2022, (WOHA) 88 titles given that night.

2023 Amazon’s No 1 in Music as a co-write with Dr Jacalyn, Mariska Du Preez & La La Music for song “Listening Lazies”, for the Lady Ella’s Children’s Book Series of Elevated listeners.

Co-hosting for “Film and Music Show” with Host -Dr. Jacalyn LLC Lead TV/Radio Show Host – USA GLOBAL TV® Network.

Presents her own show “Talking Heads” about attaining a high level of knowledge in her field of expertise on USA GLOBAL TV® Network. once a week airing.


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