The Golden Healer

Greetings, Beloved sons and daughters of Gaia, we as in the cosmic beings from other dimensions in different solar star systems have been watching you, as you have evolved throughout eons of time.

Ah, I have not yet introduced myself. I am The Golden Healer. I come from the ninth dimension of the Angelic Realms, a Golden Planet we call Planet Lite, where I reside there, with the Crystal Lite’s and the mother of the Crystal Lites, Mother Lapiz Lazuli.  Here we are surrounded with such beauty, and peaceful streams of consciousness, the planet is thriving with crystal mountains, and flowing clear crystal lakes.

My role on this planet is to oversee all the ancient and newly acquired universal records of every being from 2d, to 3d, 4d, which I do believe that you are acquainted with on your blue planet, Mother Gaia. However, it is her destiny to fulfill the prophecy, and join the rest of her sisters and become Galactic by entering the Golden Age, which right now, we all, that is myself and the Crystal Lites, who by the way can only communicate telepathy, and their power is to dance with movement and create a high vibrational fields of 5th Dimensional and up to the 9th Dimensional. So I the Golden Healer, as well as Mother Lapis Lazuli are the over seer’s you could call us Guardian’s of Mother Gaia, to ensure the Mother Gaia, ascends to a higher vibration where love and light is upon her, and she returns to being a supernova organic planetary being.

So dear sons and daughters of Gaia, for now I bid you farewell, I do feel however, that you must start to prepare yourselves. This Vibration of light that is illuminating your planet Gaia, i assure you dear sons and daughters of Gaia has never visited your planet before.

Till we speak again,

May the light be upon you all in the service to LOVE.

Mother Lapiz Lazuli

Hello Dear Beloved Hearts of Gaia, I must say how wonderful you are all shining, your hearts are all expanding, and we in the higher realms are over lighted and full of Joy that some of you are now awakening to your true selves and this begins with understanding that Love is intelligence and is a principal that is applied to all living things on your blue planet, Mother Gaia.

Permit me to introduce myself, I am, the Mother of the Crystal Lites, on Planet Lite, in the 9th Angelic Realms, alongwith with the Father, The Golden Healer, I am called Mother Lapiz Lazuli, but you dear beloved hearts,of Gaia may call me Lapiz.

I have been given the gift of speech, to transmute into any language on your planet, so i may communicate with you, you will find me in your dreams, as the vibrations are considered a little low for us to descend onto your Planet Gaia, it has been given passage to us, we can reach you through the 9th portal and descend down and meet your light bodies whilst you are asleep in a 4d dimension.

So as I am the Mother of the Crystal Lites, they have not being the gift of speech, but they work together as a collective consciousness, and through their dancing, and movements they create new energies into the atmosphere, so they come with me and we visit you in your dreams, to protect you all, from wandering lower vibrational entities that are surrounding your lower atmosphere, in your 3d octave plane. So we are there to light you all up whilst you sleep.

The Crystal LItes

It is prohibited for us to descend into a 3rd dimension as this would cause a toxicity to our energy fields that protect us and keep us maintained in our higher vibrational frequency.

Mmm a little complex, but we work with your higher consciousness, whilst you sleep, which will in turn plant seeds into your consciousness, to help you evolve and grow into loving peaceful beings of Mother Gaia.

Till then dear beloved Hearts.

May the light of Love fulfill your destinies always,

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