Wild Spiritu Leader
Brother to Princess Reinkiss


Wild Spiritu Leader of Warriors of the Rainbow, & brother to Princess Reinkiss

Greetings sons and daughters of Gaia, my name is Wild Spiritu, and I live on a Planet,
not in your solar system, but another part of the universe. Our home planet is called
Riazilla, I am the leader of the Warriors of the Rainbow. We are very peaceful beings
and our role is to help and protect our paradise, lush green valleys, clear blue skies and
lakes, and trees bearing the most succulent fruits.
Most of our healing to our bodies is through the delicious plants, we eat them, and we
use them to heal.
Planet Riazilla is as lush as your blue planet, but we are in a 5d octave, where only love
and light and purity manifest anything we wish to eat, so there is never any waste, we
produce just enough.
Everything is balanced on our planet, but that doesn’t stop lower entities from entering
our planetary system, so because of this, myself and the Warriors of the Rainbow are in
training everyday to prepare. We also are able to communicate through our 3rd eyes to
show visions to each other, so just like you have the internet, on certain monitors and
screens. We have our 3rd eye visions to access all the information and share
information with each other. Until we meet Dear sons and daughters of Gaia.
Princess Reinkiss twin flame love to Sitaria and sister to Wild Spiritu

Princess Reinkiss
Twinflame to Sitaria

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Wild Spiritu Leader of Warriors of the Rainbow, & brother to Princess Reinkiss

Hello dear sons and daughters of Mother Gaia, my home planet is very similar to
planetary Mother Gaia, we have beautiful crystals, and healthy trees and plants,
and when one of us is sick, the plant appears as a vision in our 3rd eye, our light
bodies communicate with the energy forcefield of the plants energy. And as soon
as you become sick, immediately the remedy of the plant is at your rescue.
Now the plant doesn’t physically have to present it self, like what you do on your
planet, you pick the plant and you apply it to your wounds.
It is prohibited to pick the plants off its main life force, so how we work this, is our
light cells work with the plants light cells and they instantly communicate and
bring the rescue medicine through not in a physical but meta physical, hence we
still receive the full healing from the plant without destroying the plant
The same goes for food, our tree with fruits they grow, we become hungry so we
think of that fruit we wish to eat, and we can manifest this fruit without actually
harming the tree.

You see sons and daughters of Gaia, we are very much part of Planet Riazilla,
and because of our love and honor to her, she looks after us, making sure she is
rich and plentiful.
Anway i was about to tell you also I am the twin flame to Sitaria, and we have
been meeting up in the higher octaves, for a while now, so we both want to have
our ceremony of completeness together, mmm i won’t tell you now, another time,
i have very much enjoyed being able to talk with you dear sons and daughters of
Until we meet someday soon,

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