Wizard Onyx imperial ruler

Wizard Onyx Imperial Ruler of Planet Zodosk, Father to Prince Ricochet

Greetings, Beloved sons and daughters of Gaia, we as in the cosmic beings from other dimensions in different solar star systems have been watching you, as you have evolved throughout eons of time.

Ah, I have not yet introduced myself. I am The Golden Healer. I come from the ninth dimension of the Angelic Realms, a Golden Planet we call Planet Lite, where I reside there, with the Crystal Lite’s and the mother of the Crystal Lites, Mother Lapiz Lazuli.  Here we are surrounded with such beauty, and peaceful streams of consciousness, the planet is thriving with crystal mountains, and flowing clear crystal lakes.

My role on this planet is to oversee all the ancient and newly acquired universal records of every being from 2d, to 3d, 4d, which I do believe that you are acquainted with on your blue planet, Mother Gaia. However, it is her destiny to fulfill the prophecy, and join the rest of her sisters and become Galactic by entering the Golden Age, which right now, we all, that is myself and the Crystal Lites, who by the way can only communicate telepathy, and their power is to dance with movement and create a high vibrational fields of 5th Dimensional and up to the 9th Dimensional. So I the Golden Healer, as well as Mother Lapis Lazuli are the over seer’s you could call us Guardian’s of Mother Gaia, to ensure the Mother Gaia, ascends to a higher vibration where love and light is upon her, and she returns to being a supernova organic planetary being.

So dear sons and daughters of Gaia, for now I bid you farewell, I do feel however, that you must start to prepare yourselves. This Vibration of light that is illuminating your planet Gaia, i assure you dear sons and daughters of Gaia has never visited your planet before.

Till we speak again,

May the light be upon you all in the service to LOVE.

Prince Ricochet

Prince Ricochet, Son of Wizard Onyx, and the Goddess Of Love

Greetings sons and daughters of mother planet Gaia, i would like to apologize for my father. He is very what do you say, ahhh yes ! Steeped in his pain, and anger, and has hardened his heart since my mother, The Goddess of Love was kidnapped by evil sorcerer’s that cast a spell on my home Planet, Zodosk. 

Permit me to introduce myself, my name is Ricochet, yes I am to inherit the kingdom of Zodosk, from my father The ruler who is Wizard Onyx. 

But i have to say my heart is telling me something different, yes i would love to reign over Planet Zodosk, but not the way she is now.

You see, before the Evil Sorcerers visited our planet, we the Zodoskian’s lived in peace, and love reigned throughout the kingdom.  My mother and father were so in love, and emanated their twin flame love, everywhere they visited, and who they had an audience with. 

I myself love to go traveling, in the zodoskian spaceship, visiting other planets and their race of beings. 

As Planet Zodosk descended into the lower octaves, because  we are of a low vibration, we are no longer able to enter the realms of the higher octave of light. 

We just have to remain around the solar star system of 4d and below planets. Sometimes I go traveling in disguise, but it only lasts for a little while,  because the higher octave of light seems to pierce into my garments. So I know it’s time for me to uncloak, and descend back down into the lower dimensions. 

I wish to meet you all one day, sons and daughters of Gaia, where we can all have one big party and celebration. 


I bid you farewell until then,

General Mannichos

General Mannichos, General to the Darker Army of Ogres,

Hello dear sons and daughters of Gaia, my name is Mannichos, Greeting’s to you all, my role is to be the commanding General to all my master’s imperial dark army of ogre’s, and of course to see the safety of his one and only son, Prince Ricochet, Might i say that, Prince Ricochet, is so difficult to watch over him, he keeps disappearing, exploring the cosmos, and i have to keep on telling lies to his father, Wizard Onyx, of his son’s whereabouts. 


Personally I do feel however, that Prince Ricochet, who is to inherit the throne on Zodosk, is too soft, he would not be a good leader, but who am i to say, after all I’m just the Commanding General. But one day, my master, Wizard Onyx, will see my worth, will see that I, Mannichos, deserve to be the next ruler of Zodosk, not his son, Ricochet. 

And here is my, and i say My Army, The Ogres of the Darker Armies, they do not have the ability to speak, they just fight with each other, and create havoc wherever they stamped upon. 

Zodoskian Ogre’s



They are not intelligent, far from it, but they know how to defend Planet Zodosk. But they are dumbed down, trained as fighting machines, to defend our imperial ruler, Wizard Onyx of Zodosk.


Goddess of Love - Twin-flame Counterpart to Wizard Onyx and Prince Ricochet’s Mother.

Hello dear sons and daughters of Gaia, my name is The Goddess of Love and I lived on Planet Zodosk along with my twin flame Beloved Wizard Onyx and our son Ricochet, we were so happy in our beautiful planetary home. We were a very happy and joyful race of cosmic beings, we all emanated a cosmic love supreme which is a very high vibration of Love, I believe it’s ascending higher than your planet Gaia who at the moment is transcending to a higher dimension. 

We have wonderful gardens and rose pink rays shoot across our skies mixed with a fusion of golden rays. The scent of the flowers is in the air, and moonbeams and the little elemental fairies of the flowers dance around as they celebrate their love for their home planet Zodosk.

Everyone celebrated the love, the life, the herculean life, immortality, and Divine love was everywhere on our planet, until that fearful day i was captured by some wicked sorcerer’s who took over Planet Zodosk and cast a spell on her, where she became red blooded planet, boiling seas, poisonous gasses. 

I managed to escape the sorcerer’s and found sanctuary on Planet Amorand, where I am here until my love my Onyx connects with me again so we can set our heart flames alight and the wicked spell will be lifted and set the now grottesque ogres which were once beautiful cosmic beings free. 

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